Healthy Gums

Poor Reach of Traditional Toothbrushes

The key to healthy gums is good brushing habits.  Unfortunately, many people struggle to have healthy gums because of the toothbrush they use.  Even if they brush multiple times a day.

Flat Brush Oral B Sonicare


Notice in these three common toothbrushes, the brush leaves gaps between the bristles and the teeth.

The Superior Reach of the Rota-dent Toothbrush

Along Gumline Between Teeth With Braces


These illustrations demonstrate how the Roda-dent toothbrush reaches in difficult areas including, around and beneath braces, in between teeth and along the gum line. This is what makes the soft tissue management system of Dr. Michael Tall very effective.

Please review the following video for a demonstration of the Rota-dent Procare toothbrush as it compares with other brands.