Dental Crown Process

These photos compare the long process of placing a crown on a tooth in the traditional method with the CEREC one-visit crown.
Dr. Tall is one of the regions first dentists that invested and trained in the CEREC one-visit crown technology.  Dr. Tall is now leading the dental community with the latest version of CEREC technology.

Traditional Dental Crown Process

Step 1 - Preparation
Use Lidocaine for Comfort
Prepare for Temporary Crown Placement
Step 2 - Tooth Impression
Mold Impression (Gooey &Gaggy)
Make a Temporary Crown (Sensitive)
Step 3 - Place Temporary
Glue in Temporary
Send mold to Lab for Crown Creation
Schedule Second Appointment (2-3 Weeks)
Step 4 - Lab Crown Creation
Lab Receives Mold
Permanent Crown Created
Lab Delivers Crown to Dentist's Office
Step 5 - Fit Permanent Crown
Use Lidocaine for Comfort (second time)
Remove Temporary Crown
Cement Permanent Crown

New CEREC One-Visit Crown Process

Step 1 - Prepare Tooth
Use Lidocaine for Comfort
Apply Reflective Powder for Imaging
Step 2 - Design Restoration
Scan with Small Camera
Create a 3D Image with CADD system
Dr. Tall Digitally Creates the Permanent Crown
Step 3 - CEREC Crown Creation
Enter Crown Parameters into Computer
Mill New Ceramic Crown (About 20 Minutes)
Step 4 - Fit New Crown
Place Crown
Bond the Crown with a Special Light
Polish and Glaze the New Crown

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