Digital Radiography

We are pleased to offer digital radiography at Tall Family Dentistry! With digital radiography we provde better service to our patients. For example, two of the main benefits to our patients are reduced radiation and faster examinations.

The digital radiography equipment we use during  our examinations drastically reduces the exposure to radiation. Decreased exposure to radiation is safer for your health.
Digital radiography is also much faster. Within seconds, the image of your teeth is displayed on the monitor right in front of you. This way, Dr. Tall can view your image without waiting for x-ray film to develop.  The scans of your teeth are easily saved on the computer for future reference.

Computer Display

Digital radiography is faster than traditional x-ray and it reduces radiation.

The following photos are scan samples displayed on a computer monitor to educate our patients.  Each dental chair at Michael Tall Dentistry is provisioned with computer screens like this one.

The following screen shows the digital x-rays referred to as digital radiography.  You can see the patient x-ray and discuss your dental health with Dr. Tall using this digital imaging process.
The following screen shows details regarding the patients' teeth and gums.  The charts are saved after each visit and can be reviewed in subsequent visits.