Dental Implants

Implants keep your teeth aligned and bone structure looking natural.
The advanced implant system provided by Dr. Tall provides maximum comfort. Whether a single implant or full dentures are necessary, they will be kept snug with this advanced system.

This advanced system has many benefits to patients who have them. Implants have a more natural looking smile, look and feel like natural teeth, restore chewing ability and best of all, they normally don’t require modification of healthy surrounding teeth!

Fixed dentures are permanent while the removable dentures can be taken out of the mouth. Both systems are available. View their respective photo albums.

Without Implants

Tooth loss leads to less dense jaw bones and has a massive impact on face structure.  It can lead to collapsed facial profiles, sunken lips, increased wrinkles around the mouth and a pointed nose and chin that appear too close.

Implant treatments can keep the natural structure of the patient’s facial structure.  .SaveSaveSaveSaveSave